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Sugar Maple Smoke Chips

Sugar Maple Chips in box

Sugar Maple Smoke Chips are my favorite flavor of smoke chips. The Sugar Maple is the sweetest of the smoking woods and goes great with any meat. Sugar Maple wood chips are also known for their ability to darken your meat… which equates to more flavor.

I’ll be doing a video pretty soon on how to turn your grill into a smoker using these chips but in the meantime, you should stop by my etsy shop and order a 2 lb box before I sell out (only 16 available).
There are basically 3 different types of smoking.
“Hot Smoking”, “Smoke Roasting”, and “Cold Smoking”. “Hot smoking” occurs within the range of 165 °F to 185 °F. Within this temperature range, foods are fully cooked, moist, and flavorful. If the smoker gets hotter than 185 °F, the foods will shrink excessively, buckle, or even split. Smoking at high temperatures also increases the chances of having a dried out piece of meat.

“Smoke-roasting” is sometimes referred to as “barbecuing” or “pit-roasting”. It may be done in an offset smoker, closed wood-fired oven or barbecue pit, any smoker that can reach above 250 °F. This method is used here at the Good Cookin’ blog as well as the next method.

“Cold smoking” can be used as a flavor enhancer for every day grilling items like steak, chicken, pork chops, and fish. Basically the food is cold-smoked for a short period, just long enough to give a smokey flavor. The way I like to do it is put in the Sugar Maple Smoke Chips when the food is almost cooked. It is not cooked as a result of the smoking process.
Be sure to check out my etsy shop for my gourmet Sugar Maple Smoke Chips which are perfect for “Cold Smoking” and “Smoke Roasting.