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Pulled Pork Cooked on the Weber Grill

Pork Shoulder From Butcher

I was looking for something new to cook and post on the blog and then it hit me… slow cooked pulled pork is extremely popular and extremely delicious. The only problem was that I had never done pulled pork on the Weber grill.

Very Good Pork Rub

Naturally, I scoured

the web for a few days and put together what I thought would be the perfect recipe.

First, I took a short drive

to the butcher shop and purchased an 8 pound, bone-in  pork shoulder. I asked the butcher to cut it in half for me because I wanted to do a test run on the first half (the test run is what you’ll get to see in the video).

Charcoal Setup

While I was there, I also purchased a small bag of pork rub.The rub was perfect for this pulled pork… the rub had a nice salty – sweet flavor to it.

So, when I got home I put one half in the freezer for a later date, and the other half I took out of the package and applied the rub.

With the rub on my pork shoulder, I wrapped it back up and let it sit while I got the Weber grill ready to go.

Almost Ready To Come Off The Grill

The set-up on the Weber was an indirect heating method where  I had 8-10 pieces of charcoal on either side of the grill with a drip pan directly in the center.

Put your pulled pork in the center of the Weber grill and close the lid. You will have to come back every hour to add more charcoal. The grill temperature needs to stay at about 250 degrees. Total cooking time is 5 hours.

Fall Off the Bone

At the second hour, I started to spray the pulled pork with apple cider vinegar and repeated this step each hour.

At the beginning of the 4th   hour, I started adding my smoke chips to the coals.  This gave the pulled pork a nice smokey flavor but not so smokey that it overwhelmed the meat.

Don't Forget the Sauce

Definitely try this pulled pork recipe. It was very, very good. The video below will show you the entire process. You may want to get a bib to catch the drool while you watch…