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Outdoor BBQ Grilling Contest Submission

I had a lot of fun putting this video together for the Ballistic BBQ – “Youtube Outdoor Grilling Contest.” It was really nice to get outside and make something that reminds me of summer time. Babyback Ribs & Steak on the Weber grill… yum!!!
Hope you enjoy the video.

The grand prize winner gets a cast iron grill grate from craycort!!!

BBQ Back Ribs on the Weber

These were the best ribs I’ve ever cooked. I walked into the grocery store looking for spareribs but they didn’t have that nice of a selection. My only other option was pork back ribs. Pork back ribs are taken from the top of the rib cage between the spine and the spare ribs. These did not say “Baby Back Ribs” though. The designation “baby” means that the cuts are from market weight hogs, rather than sows. I have found that pork back ribs or baby back ribs have more flavor than spareribs but both types are delicious. So for this recipe I cut slits into the membrane on the backs of the ribs (remove the membrane if you want to be “proper”). One of the slabs was covered in yellow mustard and then coated with my homemade rib rub. The other slab was coated with rib rub only.

After you have your ribs prepped, go outside and fire up your grill for indirect heating. If you are using a weber grill like I do, wait until the charcoal has turned white or covered in ash. If you put the ribs on while the charcoal is still black they are going to taste like charcoal.

The ribs go on the opposite side of the heat source – – meat side up! Close the lid and come back in an hour to add more charcoal. You want to keep your grill at a 250 degree temp.

The video will show you step by step how to make this all happen. Enjoy!