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Cheese Steak Recipe

Here is a really easy to make Cheese Steak recipe. This was inspired by Steven Raichlen, author of The BBQ Bible. As you’ll see, I substituted a beef fillet for a whole beef tenderloin.
Other ingredients include : Provolone Cheese, Grilled Onion, Poblano Peppers, and a homemade chipolte mayonnaise.

Grilled Meatloaf Recipe

Are you looking to try an exciting meatloaf recipe? Now that summer is winding down, this is the perfect time to try Grilled Meatloaf.
We made this on a Thursday night and had left overs all through the weekend… this meatloaf is even good cold at like 2 am.

Here is what you need:
Worcestershire Sauce
Seasoning Salt
Garlic pepper Salt
2 eggs
dried vegetable flakes
fresh sweet basil
1 whole onion chopped
Italian seasoned breadcrumbs (1 cup)
3lbs ground beef
minced garlic
extra sharp cheddar cheese.

Combine all ingredients except cheese.
Place mixture into a tin foil pan and form a a loaf with 1/2 of the mixture.
Create a reservoir in the middle and place your shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese in the middle
Take remainder of the mixture and create a top to the loaf. Try and seal it closed to prevent the cheese from oozing out.

Place on grill using indirect heat and close the lid.

The video will show you the rest! Enjoy!!!

Hot Damn! (Grilled Chicken) and an Uninvited Guest.

There are a ton of different Grilled Chicken Recipes out there… you could make:
Grilled Chicken Salad
Grilled Chicken and Sausage Gumbo
Grilled Chicken Tacos
Grilled Chicken Kabobs
Caribbean Grilled Chicken Wings…

I think you get the point – – we could go on forever about the different types of Grilled Chicken but there is one common thread and that is the grill.
In this video you will see the easiest way to make Grilled Chicken. Then its up to you to figure out how you want to season it, and what to serve it with.

A word of caution: Do not leave the grill unattended for too long. You may get an uninvited guest at your back door… like a creepy monkey!!!