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BBQ SpareRibs on the Weber

Sear the ribs and them move them off the coals

This is the first time this summer that I’ve grilled BBQ SpareRibs on the Weber. Based on how delicious they were, I get the feeling that I will be doing them A LOT.

Before I can get down to business though, the video had to be broken up into two parts because youtube only lets you upload a 10 minute video. The first part is the BBQ SpareRibs on the Weber, and the second part is the Herb Corn on the Cob. You will notice at one point in the BBQ SpareRibs video that two giant corn on the cobs appear out of nowhere (like magic). Now you know why…

Put the sauce on at the end!!!

Ok, so what you’ll need for this recipe is a slab of pork spareribs, some of your favorite seasonings, some BBQ sauce, and some cooking oil.
Start off by patting down the meat with a paper towel to get any excess moisture off of the ribs. Next, you’ll score the backside of the ribs with a knife. This will help to break apart the membrane.

Now you want to rub the ribs with olive oil and then season them up. I used red pepper flakes, mesquite seasoning, and garlic pepper salt. Once your grill is nice and hot, you want to sear the ribs on both sides and then move them off of the coals. Once you move them off of the coals, close the lid and leave them alone for about an hour. At this point you just want to make sure that the ribs are still there. The aroma from the grill tends to attract hungry neighbors!!!

Actually, you just want to lift the lid and make sure everything is OK.

At about the 1hr and 15 minute mark you want to put your favorite BBQ sauce on them. Give them a brush and close the lid for the final 15 minutes.

When they are done you want to take them inside and cut them into individual ribs.

Watch the video below (set it to play in HD) for a complete description.

Here is the short video on the Herb-ed Corn that I couldn’t fit into the video.


Pop Quiz. Prize.

Hi there…

Okay, let’s do a little  quiz, what d’ya think?

It’s Friday afternoon, after all… and I just got my ass handed to me by some guy on (his first win, ever, in 100 games of trying) (and I don’t expect to ever hear the last of it anytime soon… there is a little section on the site that says “biggest upset” on his profile and it shows my picture).

(Could be worse… I know, but anyway…)

To keep my mind off the misery of such a terrible loss (I accidentally trapped my own queen and that’s why I lost),

I’ve got maybe 10 minutes before Barry logs on and I have to face more taunting and humiliation.

Thus, a quick blog post. (he just logged on…here it comes)

I’m giving a prize away, duh.

Let’s see… how about a video of me cooking something on the grill that you don’t know how to cook…as long as I can find the ingredients (ill take all the risk of  it turning into a complete failure).

I’ve got a nice new bag of charcoal burning a hole on the shelf (just kidding of course) next to my grill. It’s got your name on it, Mr/Ms Winner. I’ll dump a bunch of lighter fluid on it, and have a match on it ASAP.

Sound good?

ok. Here’s the quiz:

What is your first – and only logical, reasonable, righteous and suggested step to take when presented with a shaker full of red hot pepper flakes that falls into your pot of chili because the lid was not tightened?

No multiple choice…sorry.

It is, in fact, a three word answer. (Oh, I’m giving it away, aren’t I…)

This is, essentially, the most difficult concept to grasp in cooking (mistakes)

What do you do?

There IS a single, fabulous answer.

Do you know what it is?

Be the first to nail it in the comments section, and you win.

Okay… go.

Answer (and winner) announced in my next video.

Good luck.


Fresh Herbs

Donna stopped by the local grocery store and picked up some herbs that we can grow this summer. We do it every year and not only does it make your food taste really good, it makes the back patio smell really good.
Its always nice to catch a breeze blowing through the house that smells like Lemon Basil!!! Yum Yum!

Anyways, we picked up Sweet Basil, Dill, Lemon Basil,Tarragon, Rosemary, Greek Oregano, Burgundy Oregano, and Lemon Balm…

As you can see, our cat, Percy, loved the box.