Who The Hell Is This Guy?

The man behind the curtain – – the one who makes the home made cooking videos – –  is Mike Mullen.

Mike slyly refers to himself as “the best kept secret” in the food blogging category.

His cooking technique has been stalked for a decade by many of the boldest (and most successful) backyard BBQ chefs in the world.

They use his techniques because they are easy.

As a former restaurant cook, Mike is one of a handful at the top of the food blogging game — commanding the respect and admiration of anyone who stops by for dinner.

As a teacher of how to cook the really easy way, Mike is responsible for helping a  mob of otherwise clueless “at home cooks” get their act together.

Reality Check…

Okay, I cant take it anymore.

Im just a regular guy who decided to share some of my cooking tips with anyone who will listen.

Crafting a great tasting meal isnt brain surgery… but sometimes you need a little boost to get yourself going.

So, I try to keep it easy and uncomplicated… and it completely removes all the “sticking points” that keep people from trying something new.


4 responses to “About

  1. Honestly, loved your posts. Your post Grilling a Beef Roast…has left me craving for beef. I used to eat beef regurarly when I’m in my home towm (Kerala, India), but now Im living in a place (Bangalore) where there is a ban on beef.

    Have subscribed to your blog.

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