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Country Style BBQ Ribs


If you are looking for County Style BBQ Ribs that fall off the bone and melt in your mouth, this is the recipe for you. All you’ll need is a package of Country Style Ribs, BBQ sauce, and some beer (or apple juice if you dont like beer).

“Country-Style” ribs are not technically ribs. They contain no rib bones and are cut from the blade end of the loin (close to the pork shoulder). They are meatier than other rib cuts which makes them great feeding a large group of people.

If you’ve never had Country Style Ribs, they are more like pork chops…more meat and less fat than real ribs, and should be cooked like chops, not ribs. Because they vary in size and thickness, they are hard to cook to an even doneness. They should be cooked low and slow in your favorite BBQ Sauce as you’ll see in the video.

I would say the average cooking time on a low heat or in a crock pot is about 2hrs.

Oven Roast Beef Recipe

Wow. Its been a while since Ive been able to put a new video together. Bad weather and a busted computer had me on the side lines for a while but we should be getting back into high gear within the next few weeks.
So to start things off, we decided to make a beef roast in the oven. This was extremely easy and you can use whatever seasonings you like. Hope you enjoy the vid and we’ll be back outdoors soon.

Super Bowl Recipes

This video is off the hook! Wish I could take credit for it. Do not watch this if you have little self control!!!!!