Sweet Chili Glazed Chicken Wings

Our friend Tanya stopped by yesterday and gifted us with some of the most delicious chicken wings I’ve ever eaten! They were her “Sweet Chili Glazed Chicken Wings.”

To start things off, I opened the bag that she marinated them in and the aroma was very pleasant! As good as it smelled in the bag, nothing compares to how the smelled while they were on the grill! It was an amazing smell with all of the different components working together!

So here is the recipe that you MUST try:
(recipe good for ever 2lbs chicken wings)

    Sweet Chili Glazed Chicken Wings

1/4 c peanut oil
3 Tbsp fresh Cilantro or chopped Green Onions
4 Tbsp Soy Sauce
2 1/2 Tbsp chopped or minced Garlic
2 Tbsp minced fresh ginger
Dried Crushed Red Pepper Flakes (to taste but don’t be a coward)

Allow the chicken wings to marinade for at least 4 hrs!

We grilled them over indirect heat for one hour on the Weber grill. Be sure to put foil down so that you don’t lose any of that delicious marinade.

Now for the Ace up the sleeve:

    Dipping Sauce:

3/4 c Sugar
1/4 c water
1 Tbsp Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce
1 c Rice Vinegar

Bring all ingredients to a boil and allow to simmer until desired thickness.

Check out the video below!


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