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Update: Disaster Narrowly Avoided!!!

Yikes!!! I finally got around to reading all of the rules for the StFrancisSavorTheFlavor Grilling contest and realized that I displayed a logo of another product (totally against the rules!!!).
Watch how I quickly (5 hrs figuring out how to edit a video…I usually shoot from the hip if you know what I mean) remedy the problem.
Anyways – – here is the video. Wish me luck 🙂

Lamb Loin Rib Chops: Savor the Flavor

FYI. I just submitted my video to St. Francis Winery for their Savor the Flavor Summer Grilling Contest! Check it out

Just a quick summary:
Grilled Lamb Loin Chops / Grilled Red Skinned Potatoes with melted Merlot butter / Roma Tomatoes stuffed with a Fava Bean Puree. All Paired with St. Francis Merlot.
This meal packs a bold punch. The Lamb was lightly seasoned with salt and pepper.
The Merlot Butter was melted over top of the grilled red skin potatoes.
And the Fava Bean Puree with the smokey Pecorino Cheese, Red Pepper Flakes, and fresh Sweet Basil was piped into fresh picked Roma Tomatoes.
This was one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten. The St. Francis Merlot really brought out the unique flavors of the food and the food brought out the smooth, fruity flavors of the Merlot!
Try this recipe and make a BOLD impression on your dinner guests!
See all of the contestants at the St Francis Winery Youtube Channel

Sweet Chili Glazed Chicken Wings

Our friend Tanya stopped by yesterday and gifted us with some of the most delicious chicken wings I’ve ever eaten! They were her “Sweet Chili Glazed Chicken Wings.”

To start things off, I opened the bag that she marinated them in and the aroma was very pleasant! As good as it smelled in the bag, nothing compares to how the smelled while they were on the grill! It was an amazing smell with all of the different components working together!

So here is the recipe that you MUST try:
(recipe good for ever 2lbs chicken wings)

    Sweet Chili Glazed Chicken Wings

1/4 c peanut oil
3 Tbsp fresh Cilantro or chopped Green Onions
4 Tbsp Soy Sauce
2 1/2 Tbsp chopped or minced Garlic
2 Tbsp minced fresh ginger
Dried Crushed Red Pepper Flakes (to taste but don’t be a coward)

Allow the chicken wings to marinade for at least 4 hrs!

We grilled them over indirect heat for one hour on the Weber grill. Be sure to put foil down so that you don’t lose any of that delicious marinade.

Now for the Ace up the sleeve:

    Dipping Sauce:

3/4 c Sugar
1/4 c water
1 Tbsp Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce
1 c Rice Vinegar

Bring all ingredients to a boil and allow to simmer until desired thickness.

Check out the video below!

Corned Beef on the Grill

After working in an Irish Pub for several years, I learned a lot about Corned Beef. I remember the days leading up to St Patrick’s Day where we would literally have to cook hundreds of pounds of Corned Beef and then slice all of it. Most of the Corned Beef would get sliced really thin for the sandwiches and the rest of it would be sliced on the thick side for Corned Beef dinners.
In all of those years of working in an Irish restaurant, I never once saw anyone grill a corned beef. Well…let me take that back. It was common to see, “Grilled Corned Beef Sandwiches.” They were really good too. Buttered Rye Bread thrown onto the grill, a slice of Swiss Cheese on each side, a huge pile of Corned Beef, thousand island dressing, and a heap of coleslaw. Yum!!!

OK, so that isnt what I had in mind when I decided to Grill a Corned Beef Brisket. What I really had in mind was getting the Ol’ Weber Grill fired up and doing a Corned Beef low and slow!!!
Here is what you’ll need to pull this off:
1. Corned Beef Brisket
2. A Pot of Water
3. A Grill
4. Tin Foil
The first thing that you are going to want to do is take your Corned Beef out of the package and give it a quick rinse. Next, you’ll want to put the corned beef in a pot of water over a very low heat. Do this for about 30 minutes and make sure that you don’t allow the water to boil. All you really want to do here is remove the brine and salt from the corned beef. You don’t have to follow this step if you like salty food.
After the Corned Beef has sat in the pot of water for 30 minutes, take it out and give it one last rinse.
Next, you’ll want to grab a paper towel and dry off the Corned Beef. In my video, I dried it off and added little bit of fresh cracked pepper to the fat side of the beef.
When the charcoal is ready or when your gas grill is hot, place the Corned Beef (fat side up) on the grill. Make sure you have your grill set up for indirect heat. It would be a great mistake to place the Corned Beef directly over the coals. Brisket is a very tough piece of meat and needs to be grilled low and slow. Try to keep your grill temp around 225 – 250 degrees.
Your total grilling time should be around 2 hours.
Now, for the grill master’s secret to great Corned Beef: When there is about 30 – 45 minutes left in the grilling process, wrap the Corned Beef in Aluminum Foil! Make sure that you wrap it really good. Doing this will trap all of the juices inside of the meat. If you don’t believe me – – check out the video.
This one little trick is a huge difference maker.
I let the Corned Beef rest for about an hour before I sliced it.
Check out the video below.

Pulled Pork Cooked on the Weber Grill

Pork Shoulder From Butcher

I was looking for something new to cook and post on the blog and then it hit me… slow cooked pulled pork is extremely popular and extremely delicious. The only problem was that I had never done pulled pork on the Weber grill.

Very Good Pork Rub

Naturally, I scoured

the web for a few days and put together what I thought would be the perfect recipe.

First, I took a short drive

to the butcher shop and purchased an 8 pound, bone-in  pork shoulder. I asked the butcher to cut it in half for me because I wanted to do a test run on the first half (the test run is what you’ll get to see in the video).

Charcoal Setup

While I was there, I also purchased a small bag of pork rub.The rub was perfect for this pulled pork… the rub had a nice salty – sweet flavor to it.

So, when I got home I put one half in the freezer for a later date, and the other half I took out of the package and applied the rub.

With the rub on my pork shoulder, I wrapped it back up and let it sit while I got the Weber grill ready to go.

Almost Ready To Come Off The Grill

The set-up on the Weber was an indirect heating method where  I had 8-10 pieces of charcoal on either side of the grill with a drip pan directly in the center.

Put your pulled pork in the center of the Weber grill and close the lid. You will have to come back every hour to add more charcoal. The grill temperature needs to stay at about 250 degrees. Total cooking time is 5 hours.

Fall Off the Bone

At the second hour, I started to spray the pulled pork with apple cider vinegar and repeated this step each hour.

At the beginning of the 4th   hour, I started adding my smoke chips to the coals.  This gave the pulled pork a nice smokey flavor but not so smokey that it overwhelmed the meat.

Don't Forget the Sauce

Definitely try this pulled pork recipe. It was very, very good. The video below will show you the entire process. You may want to get a bib to catch the drool while you watch…