BBQ Chicken Kabobs

Just wait until you try these BBQ Chicken Kabobs. ***Not bad for a Saturday Night Cookout!***

BBQ Chicken Kabobs

BBQ Chicken Kabobs

They were easy to make and didn’t take very long to cook (which is a good thing because it was humid and 85 – 90 degrees outside).

here is what you’ll need:
(2) Chicken Breasts
(4) Skewers
(1) Red Pepper
(1) Yellow Pepper
(1) Onion
(1) container of Mushrooms (cut them in half)
( ) Your Favorite BBQ Sauce – – We used Sweet Baby Ray’s

sweet baby rays

sweet baby ray's

here is what you need to do:
Cut your peppers, onion, and mushrooms into decent sized pieces. You want them big enough so that they wont fall off the skewer while cooking them.
After you cut all of your vegetables put them off to the side and cut your chicken. I found that the best way to do the chicken is to cut it long ways down the middle, and then cut across making 1″ cuts.

perfect size for Kabobs

Once the chicken is cut you want to season it and give it a little bit of olive oil.

Put the chicken and vegetables back in the refrigerator and go get your grill fired up.

Now is the point where you’ll want to watch the video below… it doesn’t get any easier than this!


7 responses to “BBQ Chicken Kabobs

  1. Yeah, a GLAZE definitely the word!! 😀 Sounds simple and easy, but very beautiful! Still, I don’t think one of my family would like to eat any yellow or red pepper. We are MEAT eaters! LOL. But, very nice idea! Thanks for this.

  2. Yeah, I was fumbling for the right word. lol.
    Hey, you could always do it with potatoes instead of peppers! That would be really good.

  3. Wow, nice idea!! I bet they will love it!! 😀 Umm, by the way, will those potatoes stick with the stick? I mean, even though I could cut them as big pieces, they are quite easy to break apart, aren’t they?

  4. I would try and use those little red potatoes and then you wont have to cut them.
    Drizzle a little oil over them and you’ll be good to go!
    Now I’m getting hungry!

  5. Ah I see…!! Ha ha ha.. I’m getting hungry too, here.. Umm, actually getting hungry each time I visit your blog! 🙂 I guess this site is perfect for those who are having trouble with their appetite.. LOL.

    Btw, you are talking about olive oil?

    Speaking of oil, is it okay if I fry them instead of grill them? Don’t have any proper BBQ griller here.

  6. I would prefer olive oil but it could be any kind of cooking oil.
    You can fry them or if you have an oven with a broiler, you can broil them…its almost like grilling.

  7. Nice! Thanks for your help! Can’t wait for new cooking experiments from you!

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