Grilling a Beef Roast Drives the Dogs Crazy! (Who Knew?)

One of the greatest quotes about beef comes from the Gangster Rapper, Ice Cube (Don Mega). He said in one of his songs, “These 32 teeth will give your ass grief – – Bite you like a Fat Burger if you got beef.”

Lets face it, the guy can rap.

I’ve actually never eaten anything from Fat Burger but if its good let me know.


I can’t rap about beef but I sure can cook it. And cook it we did…

Action Shot

We decided to grill a beef roast on the weber grill the other night and it turned out to be the best beef roast I’ve ever eaten. It was extremely tender and juicy…just how you want it. The days of cooking it in the crock-pot are over.

So as you will see in the video, we used a top round roast. We covered it in extra virgin olive oil  ( we really like Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Costco…the Tuscano), seasoned it up, and seared it on all sides before moving it off of the coals.

Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Costco

Once we moved it to the other side of the grill we left it alone for about an hour and twenty minutes.

It’s pretty funny that as soon as we started cooking it, the neighborhood dogs started going crazy… it smelled really, really good.

Alright, sit back and relax while you see how to grill a beef roast.


5 responses to “Grilling a Beef Roast Drives the Dogs Crazy! (Who Knew?)

  1. WOO that looks good – yum! Rickey cooks roasts on our grill sometimes too. He wraps them up with veggies, etc. in heavy duty aluminum foil and slow cooks it all day. I think we’ll have to try searing it first though – that’s great idea (man, now I’m hungry… :o)

  2. Wohooo! Next time I contact my sister, I will probably share the secret recipe of Kirkland product for her (if I’m remember to do it). She could find Costco easily, not very far from her home. 😀 Me myself not really like to cook but it’s nice to see those delicious pics!! Cooking a tender and juicy beef won’t be easy so I’m sure that you’re great!

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